What Texts Gluroo Understands

Last updated: 2021-12-19

Gluroo tries to understand what you text back and forth with the GluCrew in order to keep track of diabetes-related events being discussed.  Understanding natural language is a hard problem, so Gluroo chooses to require a fairly strict form of text to recognize it as food, insulin, exercise, etc. (If you remember “Graffiti” handwriting on the Palm Pilot back in the 1990s, Palm took a similar approach to improve handwriting recognition: you modify how you write a little bit and in return get much better accuracy.)

Remember, you can always use the Green Circle + button in the bottom left to be guided through the tap-to-log experience:

Over time we believe more people will find it easiest to use the shorthands described below for logging.  Note that right now the messages generated by the tap-to-enter experience may not work when entered as ordinary text (but we will be doing a pass through the system to fix that since it is useful for that to be true).

Pay attention to the icon, if any, showing just to the right of the text box (and just to the left of the triangular send button) to see when Gluroo recognizes what you type as a specific kind of message.

Logging Insulin Basic Examples

Dose 2u “Dose” or “Bolus” + # of units

Dosed 2u

Bolus 2u

Dose of 2u

Bolus of 2u

10u basal records basal insulin

Logging Food Basic Examples


45g bagel for dinner

45g bagel with cream cheese

45g bagel, 8g cream cheese

45g 8g fat pizza records 45g carbs and 8g fat

Logging Intervention Snacks Basic Examples

1 starburst

1sb shorthand for starburst

5g oj orange juice

4oz aj apple juice, assumes 2g/oz

20g apple juice or specify grams directly

Logging Exercise Basic Examples

Notes: you need to specify a time (always in minutes) and an intensity (one of “low”, “medium”, or “high”)

20m medium

20m medium walk

20mins medium walk

Logging a Fingerprick Blood Glucose Reading Basic Examples

Note 1: you can also tap the latest blood glucose number in the top right to open up the tap-to-enter a fingerprick reading experience.

Note 2: you set the blood glucose units in the Menu > GluCrew > Crew Settings > Blood Glucose Units (See the diagram at the bottom of this document for a reminder of where the Menu is.)

104fp if you’re using mg/dL

5.8fp if you’re using mmol/L

Remember, if you use a Dexcom-Brand CGM, you can connect that CGM using Menu > Connections > CGM > Dexcom and enter your Dexcom Share credentials.  Gluroo is not affiliated with Dexcom.

Logging New Devices and Site Changes Basic Examples

new sensor

new sensor lot 7281234 give lot # for easy returns

new sensor lot 7281234 code 5412 give lot and code

new site for changing patch or infusion set

new transmitter 8M6JKA

Specifying Time

You don’t always have a chance to log something right when it happens, so Gluroo makes it easy to change the time of something in the log.

If you’ve already entered the message, Long Press on the message to open up the Context Menu at the bottom of your screen, and then tap Set Time to get the time change experience.

For a message already in the Gluroo Event Log (GEL) that you want to just move forward or backward by up to an hour in time, you can just touch and, while holding down on the message, swipe left or right.  If you wait too long to start moving, you’ll Long Press and get the context menu… it’s easy after you see how it works!

If you’re writing the message, Gluroo understands a bit of natural language to help you specify the time the event actually occurred.  Note that the message itself will not contain the time-modifying language: if you type “Dosed 2u 20m ago” and it’s currently 5:40pm, you’ll see “Dosed 2u” recorded at 5:20pm (with a little clock badge on the message indicating that the time was modified).  If your attempt to modify the time was not understood, it won’t be removed from your message and you can edit the message’s time using the graphical user interface.

Note that when using the Plus menu’s tap-to-enter experience, you can enter a time specification in the text field box and it will impact the message entry created by the tap-to-enter UI.

Specifying Time in a Text Basic Examples

45g bagel in 15m because you’re pre-bolusing

1sb 2m from now eating a starburst in 2m

Note: for future tense, only “m”, “min”, “mins”, or “minutes” are supported

Dosed 2.5u 15m ago because you already pre-bolus’d

New sensor 2h ago your sensor just finished warm
up and you had forgotten to record it
Note: for time ago, all of the “m”inutes options and “h”, “hrs”, “hours” are all supported, including fractional hours.

45g at 12p at 12pm today

45g at 9:40am or at 9:40am today

Dosed 2u at 9p yesterday at 9pm yesterday

New sensor at 6p Mon day names go back in time to the

Nearest monday

Note: absolute times are always prefixed by “at”

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