Our Team

Gluroo is nurtured by a team of people who have diabetes themselves, or deal with it in their family.

We’re building Gluroo to make living your best life with Diabetes easier, whether you’re the Person With Diabetes or it’s someone you love.

Walker Payne, Data Scientist

Walker Payne

Data Scientist

Greg Badros founder of Gluroo

Greg Badros, PhD

Founder & CEO

Paul Forgione

Design Alumnus

Rayhan Lal, MD

Medical Advisor

With appreciation to our Engineering and Product Alumni including:

Kevin Tien

Andrea Dahl

Vitalii Tabakharniuk

Gene Goykhman

Counting Stick Software


Are you an experienced engineer or business-leader looking
change the world of diabetes, health-care fitness, and wellness?

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