Translating for Gluroo

We use https://localazy as our human-language translation service. For most language and most strings in the apps, we have already performed a machine translation using Google, but those machine translations are imperfect so we need help from humans who understand diabetes (ideally are medical health professionals) and are fluent in English and native speakers of other languages to help us make Gluroo more usable and comfortable for users whose preferred language is not English.

After receiving an invitation to help us translate Gluroo, you can join the project. It’s worth spending a bit of time reading about the Translation Interface. Please note that our English souce-language strings sometimes have an annotation displayed in their row. It looks like this:

If you hover your mouse pointer over that icon, you’ll see a tip about the meaning of the word (in this case, “Arm”):

Please pay attention to those notes so that you know the sense of the word. E.g., when Gluroo uses the word “Arm” that tip makes sure you know to translate it as the body part “arm” and not as the action you take on an alarm system when you want it to be activated.

New updating strings will be made available in the app in the next release after we’ve reviewed and incorporated the translations.

Other Translation Tips

If you are translating phrases for Gluroo, please keep in mind the following tips:

  • If your language has a concept of formal vs. informal “you”, try to use the more informal version.
  • Do not translate words that follow or are inside special characters. These are special markers that should remain in English so that programmatic actions continue to work. For example: “@word”, “#word”, “<word>“, “{{word}}“.
  • Do not translate brand names into your language. For example, words like “Glooko” and “Omnipod OP5”.
  • If a suggested translation leaves out an emoji, try to bring the emoji back in. For example, “Made with 💗 in the USA”.

Write in to if you have questions or need clarification as to where or how a term is used. Thank you!