How to Support Multiple Children With Diabetes Using Gluroo

Living with type 1 diabetes can be a challenging journey, not just for those diagnosed but also for their loved ones. Parents, in particular, play a crucial role in managing and supporting their children with diabetes. Now imagine a family that has multiple people with diabetes (PWDs). The responsibilities, communication, and coordination required can become even more complicated. That’s where Gluroo, our free collaborative diabetes management app, can help out.

In this article, we’ll delve into the specific features that Gluroo has to address this problem. You’ll learn how to effortlessly switch between multiple groups dedicated to each child so that you can support multiple children with diabetes using Gluroo. If you’re just interested in seeing how to do it, skip down to the section on switching between GluCrews.

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Understanding the Challenges of Managing Multiple Children with Diabetes

Having a family with multiple children or people with diabetes comes with multiple challenges. Firstly, there’s the issue of communication and coordination. Each child’s diabetes management plan may differ based on factors like insulin dosage, dietary restrictions, and activity levels. Keeping track of multiple schedules, medications, and blood sugar readings can be overwhelming.

Secondly, the emotional impact on parents cannot be overlooked. Dealing with the stress, worry, and constant monitoring of blood glucose levels for multiple children can take a toll on their well-being. Parents often face feelings of guilt or frustration, fearing that they may not provide equal attention or support to each child’s unique needs.

Lastly, the need for support and shared experiences is paramount. Connecting with other parents facing similar challenges can be immensely beneficial. However, finding the time and resources to engage in multiple support groups or seek advice from various communities can be difficult.

Understanding these challenges highlights the necessity for a comprehensive solution that empowers parents of multiple children with type 1 diabetes. Gluroo addresses these unique needs by offering a collaborative platform with features that are specifically designed for managing multiple diabetes support groups.

With Gluroo, parents gain access to a versatile and intuitive app that simplifies diabetes management and encourages collaboration within their support networks.

But how exactly does Gluroo address these challenges?

GluCrew: Your Diabetes Support Group

A GluCrew is the group of people that work together to support a person with diabetes (PWD). Everyone in a GluCrew has access to a simple group-chat messaging UI. Each message is timestamped and has the PWD’s BGL at that time. Everyone in the GluCrew can also see the PWD’s current BGL, the amount of carbohydrates and insulin they have in their system, and much more.

You can see who is a part of your GluCrew by tapping “GluCrew” in the hamburger menu. You can easily invite new members to your GluCrew from this page, too.

A screenshot of Gluroo showing where to see the members of your GluCrew.

Now that we understand the concept of GluCrews, here’s an important note: you can be a member of multiple GluCrews! Each GluCrew has one and only one PWD. But, it can have any number of supporting members. If you have two children with diabetes, you can set up a GluCrew for each of them. Then you simply invite yourself to each, and you’re good to go!

Switching Between GluCrews

Once you’re a member of multiple GluCrews, switching between them is very simple. Just tap on the PWD profile picture in the top of Gluroo, and a page like this will appear:

A screenshot of Gluroo showing how to switch between GluCrews.

You can see that I’m a member of two GluCrews: one where the PWD is Walker (me), and another where the PWD is Ben (a fictitious child). When I want to check in on Ben and see how he’s doing, I just tap his image. In this way, Gluroo makes it easy to support multiple children with diabetes.

Final Thoughts

Gluroo offers a comprehensive solution for parents with multiple children with type 1 diabetes. By streamlining communication, simplifying coordination, and fostering a supportive community, Gluroo empowers parents to effectively manage and support their children’s diabetes care. With Gluroo, the journey of living with multiple cases of diabetes becomes more manageable, allowing families to navigate the challenges with greater ease and confidence. You can download Gluroo for free today on both Android and iOS.

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