Heroku Free Tier Going Away November 2022

Gluroo Supports NightscoutAPI as an Alternative to Heroku

Diabetes is hard. For years, the DIY Diabetes community has been able to use the Heroku Cloud Hosting Service’s free tier to host Nightscout instances to hold their diabetes data. Heroku’s support for the community has been generous and we thank them. As their business model changes, the community must find an alternative that works for each of us. Paid Nightscout hosting services such as T1Pal and ns10.be are two options that you should consider.

Gluroo is a compelling and 100% free alternative to Nightscout hosting, too!

We created Gluroo to help manage all aspects of diabetes, especially in the collaborative environment that Nightscout also fosters. With Gluroo, you bring a GluCrew together and Gluroo keeps all of the diabetes data synchronized across that team of supporters.

Gluroo is a mobile application that runs on Android and iPhones and helps you log and track all things related to the diabetes that is impacting your family. It’s not just for the person with diabetes, but for their parents, their wife, their husband, their kids, or whoever else helps make sure they’re the healthiest version of themselves.

From early in its history, Gluroo is compatible with and has supported a subset of the Nighscout API as the way it integrates with other products and devices that share data through Nightscout. Examples include DIY LoopAndroid APS, Loop follow, XDrip+, and others.

How to use Gluroo’s Nightscout API

What this means for you is that you can simply get a Nightscout URL from Gluroo and use that URL and the corresponding API Secret when you enter your Nightscout information in other apps like DIY Loop.

Watch this demonstration of Gluroo as a free alternative to Nightscout:

It really is that easy! We’re still testing it so we’d appreciate your feedback about the rough edges and places where it doesn’t work for you.

Although Gluroo does not support the full Nightscout Web-based interface, Gluroo does have a simple web-based status display for your GluCrew. My family uses that HTML page as an always-on display in our bathroom using an older Android phone. You can also invite your endocrinologist or diabetes coach to Gluroo and you can use that to share your diabetes data much like you do with Nightscout today.

Gluroo in the DIY Diabetes Ecosystem

Here’s a view of how Gluroo and Nightscout relate and how Gluroo fits into the DIY Diabetes Ecosystem:

Gluroo's app ecosystem

If you want to give Gluroo a try, download it today for free!

Install Gluroo from Apple App Store
Install Gluroo from Google Play Store

Worry less, live life more! Gluroo makes managing diabetes as easy as messaging.

Gluroo is not yet commercially available and has neither been reviewed nor approved by the FDA

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