Gluroo makes Managing Diabetes as Easy as Messaging

Simplify Diabetes. Together.

Gluroo’s FREE app is built for all diabetes journeys, from self-reliant T2D adults to families supporting a newly diagnosed child with T1.

Worry less and live life more!

With Gluroo, you can reduce the time, worry, and effort of managing diabetes.

BG Reminders

Low, high, rapid swings

Device Monitoring

Identify problems and fixes

Chat Based Logging

Casual updates without nagging

Motivational Nudges

Reminders and encouragement


Change, sustain, milestones

We simplify device management

We make it easy for you to connect your devices to Gluroo so you can see and share your real-time data from anywhere.

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Great for families!

Gluroo helps parents and caregivers stay on top of their child’s health by sharing real-time data across everyone’s devices, including insulin boluses, meals, pump settings, predictive reminders, and more.

Great for adults!

Adults with diabetes—whether Type 1 or Type 2—will love Gluroo for its simple, speedy logging. You’ll benefit from the ability to display your data on other devices using Gluroo Global Connect, a free Nightscout-compatible backend. So you’re in control of your data.

Great for PCPs & endos!

Gluroo gives doctors access to their patients real-time data in one simple dashboard view to monitor their health and make more informed decisions about what’s working and what isn’t.

The first collaborative diabetes logger

Gather your GluCrew to work together as a team. Together you’ll worry less and live life more.

Faster logging.
Smarter notifications.

With Gluroo, you’re never alone.

Built by people who live it.

Every day.

Gluroo is nurtured by a team of people who have diabetes themselves, or deal with it in their family.

We’re building Gluroo to help ourselves, and we’re working hard to make it help you, too.

Our team has worked at tech companies and healthcare non-profits big and small.

People love Gluroo…

Caution: Dosing decisions should not be made based on this device. The user should follow instructions on the continuous glucose monitoring system

Caution: This device is not intended to replace self-monitoring practices as advised by a physician.


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