Gluroo for Wear OS: Monitor Your Blood Glucose Levels on Your Watch

We’re thrilled to introduce the Gluroo WearOS watch app, putting essential diabetes data right on your wrist. Now, parents and caregivers can effortlessly monitor blood glucose levels, carbs on board, and insulin on board, all with a quick glance at their WearOS watch. It’s a game-changer, offering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind in the … Read more

I wore the Dexcom G7 and G6 at the same time. Here’s what I learned.

You can choose “accuracy” or “precision.” Not both. [ This article originally appeared on my substack posting on Sept 19, 2023. I’ve been collecting feedback from readers on various platforms, and will be posting follow-ups there. You can subscribe to my newsletter there to get updates immediately. I will also repost here. ] Introduction When … Read more